I recently read this quote and it  spoke to me. For so long, I have been afraid.  Afraid of big things, small things, silly things, serious things, EVERTHING.  I feared commitment, making decisions, uncomfortable social situations, the future, slicing my finger while peeling a potato, getting bitten by a spider that’s living in the shoes I haven’t put on in three weeks.  You name it, I probably feared at one point and time.  But if there is anything at all that I have learned in this past year, it’s that you can’t let your fear decide your fate.  It’s perfectly normal to be afraid but you can’t let fear keep you from living your life.  So take that trip out of the country, give your number to that cute boy that sits in the third row of your 9 am general psychology class, and wear those shoes you haven’t touched in three weeks even if it might house a frighteningly large spider.  Because I learned that what I truly fear the most is regret, it’s all the what ifs?  Embrace the journey, the mistakes and misfortunes included because without them there would be no way to distinguish the good times and the truly brilliant moments in your life.


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