LIES.. LIES.. LIES.. you’re not busy.  I call bullshit.  As a female, I know, I’m busy is code for I don’t like you enough to turn off the TV, put down the potato chips, and come to the door to let in so we can chill.  We use the “I’m busy” excuse all the time, so fellows don’t even try to pull that shit on us.  We fucking created that phrase.  “I’m too busy” cause you’re not hot enough, you’re not funny, you can’t benefit me, you’re dumb, you’re going nowhere, and ultimately I found someone else to fulfill all the time I don’t have.  It does not matter how busy you actually are or more likely how busy you actually aren’t, if you like someone you will make some damn time for them.  A girl texts you that likes you and asks “why don’t I everrrr see youuu?” and you be like “pshh.. sorry gurl I’m too busy”, that’s some BULLSHIT cause I know if your crush hit you up right now and was like “let’s chill”, you would be fully dressed and out the door before the text that said “HELL YEAH GIRL” finished sending!  Be straight up.. if you don’t want to see someone just be like “bitch I don’t want to see you” .. end of story. 



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